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Melissa Tung Corporate Yoga and Wellness - Melissa is doing pyramid pose balancing on a wood raililng in front of a white inflatable canopy.


8 Ways Online Yoga Prevents

Zoom Fatigue

1. Lighthearted recreation, not work or performance based.

When we take the time do something fun that we enjoy, overworked parts of the brain that control concentration and analysis get a chance to rest. Emotionally we feel lighter, and more open when we participate by choice.

2. Energizing physical movement, not still and not sitting!

Shake that stiff, heavy and achy feeling by moving every part of your body. Get out of your chair and off of your butt!

We always progress from slow and gentle. Look forward to hip openers and shoulder mobility, which are a staple of yoga, to counter hours of sitting.


3. Distance from the screen, no intense eye contact or reading.

Take up your space! Look at the screen for guidance but your attention is on your body. Verbal cues are given for everything so you can choose to listen only.

4. Inward focus and emotional check-in; Mental self-care.

Strengthening the synapses that connect the mind and body helps to regulate the nervous system.

Practice using all the senses to feel a pose, and notice your energetic flow, to strengthen your inner awareness.

Inviting emotions to arise oppose to suppressing them, allows an outlet for stress.

5. No mental strain and freedom from judgement.

Guided classes take the pressure off knowing what to do next and allows you to follow along to get a balanced workout.

Everyone is on their own journey, at their own level, most likely focused on themselves or watching the teacher, so relax and be free!

6. Safe space with others like you; time to relax.

Practice with others who are looking to mentally decompress and stretch their bodies. Use your free time for constructive self care. Choose to be camera off, if you prefer and still share in the event.

7. Social connection and sense of community. Find belonging.

Feel the energy of moving together. Explore a common goal, but tailor it to fit your body's ability.

Be a part of a group and see familiar faces. Get to know, and share with, Melissa and other participants before and after class if you choose.

8. Motivating and inspirational.

Feel uplifted by challenging yourself in a new way. Enjoy those "aha" moments when everything clicks.

Find delight and purpose outside of your job.

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